I am a born and raised Arizona resident from Peoria

I am a born and raised Arizona resident from Peoria. During my high school career, I didn’t realize what I had. I decided to go to Ohio State University, after many months of conversations with my parents about how expensive it was going to be, how different it was going to be, how much I wouldn’t like it. I never really paid much attention to people telling me it’s not like Arizona; you’re not going to like it. I made up my mind that I wanted to go to Ohio State University and nobody was going to change that. 

My first week in Ohio was horrible. I was sick, homesick and sad. I was in a brand new place and knew one person. I got the flu for the first two weeks and missed my family so much. I had no car so I had to walk anywhere I wanted to go. My first weeks were a mess. The weather was not that well either. In Arizona, we have no such thing as “humidity,” I soon found out what it was. “A winter, what’s that?” is what I asked some people. I soon found out that winter is not 70 degrees. I went through days where it was only 10 degrees with a wind-chill of 0 degrees. At that moment I realized I don’t belong here, Arizona is my perfect home! 

I realized that in Arizona the weather is always nice. You can do many things, such as go north to snow, west to beaches, and south to Mexico. I realized how much Mexican food there was in Arizona and how much I loved it. I realized that Arizona is my home, and home is where my heart is.

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